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House Rules

  1. Follow the site ‘Code of Conduct‘ at all times, we have a place of worship on site.
  2. You are responsible for the safety of your self & your belongings at all times whilst residing in the guest house, and valubles may be kept at the site admin office / reception, for a small daily charge.
  3. You are responsible for your health during your stay and if in need of medical attention, contact the admin office / reception.
  4. CCTV is in operation throughout the site. Wifi available free parse, get your code from the admin office.
  5. All the rooms are sound-proofed and guests must not make too much noise or play loud music in their rooms disturbing the peace of others. A banquet hall is available for partying or receptions, and this can be used till 9-10pm.
  6. Cleanliness is our priorty, help us in keeping all rooms clean & tidy, switching off all appliances like tea maker, water heater or power points or room lights to reduce risk of fire or over-heating.
  7. Any breakages, repair or maintainence will be carried out by staff, just help us by reporting any matter. Please do not leave the AC or LED TV ‘on‘ if you are not in the room nor take anything away from the rooms. The staff use daily checklists for reporting, prevention and repair, and we request you to fill out the room satisfaction forms before checking out.
  8. Personal laundry, clothes press or stitching may be requested for a small charge.
  9. The site main gates are open by 6am, closed by 10pm, and if you are out or late, please inform the staff accordingly.
  10. Room belongings or valubles are your responsibility and any ‘loss or theft’ is not the guest house or owner’s liability.
  11. Security of the guest house is critical to prevent damage, loss or injury, it’s imperative you follow these rules, for everyone’s benefit.
  12. Children under the ages of 12 are not permitted in the rooms, nor are any pets allowed.
  13. Charges levied by the guest house are non-refundable, except where management deem permissible, as per our policies.
  14. The place of worship is open for meditation, prayer and offerings during the ‘site open’ times.
  15. Dining can be requested in room or in the hall or you may go outside for a meal at your discretion. The guest house has an in-house subsidized cooking facility, with a selection of dishes displayed daily.
  16. The guest house is vegetarian, non-alcohol and smoking of any kind is not permited throughout the site. Please adhere to this rule at all times.
  17. Covid-19 restrictions apply to all our services on site, before and after bookings.
  18. These rules can be changed, amended or altered by the guest house administration, at any time.


Last Updated July 2020